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You can now compare structures and sequences between any two (or more) collections directly in CAD. Previously this was not possible and required download of sequences and/or structures for viewing in other software.

The Compare feature is available when a tab is open to view any collection. As shown below, at the top right of the open collection you will see .

1.) Click   to open a drop-down menu that shows all of the other Collections in that project.

2.) Click the Collection you want to compare and it will appear as a second collection in your active tab.

3.) Use  to display the structures of interest once the sequence viewer is open. In the example below the two structures being compared are structure 1 from design 3 results and structure 2 from design 1 results.

4.) To remove a particular Collection from view just press in the upper right of that part of the Collection panel.

In this example only two collections were compared to each other however multiple collections can be selected, as described in step two.

Note: Comparisons of more than three collections can often become cluttered, and it is recommended to use additional tabs for further comparisons.