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Cyrus Bench is meant to be provide an easy-to-use GUI so you can run Rosetta without the months of necessary training that are needed for the full version of Rosetta. Bench has the majority of Rosetta tools that are needed for most structure prediction, modeling or design jobs.

Additional Rosetta tools are often needed for more complex research goals. At Cyrus we offer a wide range of Fee-for-Service jobs that we can run for you manually and quickly, by expert hands. We will work with you to help make Bench more useful for all your protein modeling needs. 

Please email to ask about additional modeling that you may need. 

We commonly help with these simple tasks that often use a modest number of credits:

  • Homology Modeling
    • with custom templates
    • with ligands (small molecules, DNA, RNA),
    • with protein-protein complexes.
  • Protein Protein Docking
  • One on one consultation with a Rosetta modeling expert

We also can help with larger projects such as:

  • Automated De-immunization to remove T cell epitopes
  • CryoEM map refinement
  • Cyclic Peptide design
  • Modeling of Non-canonical residues
    And so much more. Please schedule a call so we can discuss any additional meeds that we can help with ( ).