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​If you are experiencing unusual behavior is CAD, we will be happy to help you fix the issue. 

Some issues can be resolved by closing all tabs, exiting CAD, and then reopening CAD. Some issues will disappear during this process because they are browser-related (we recommend Chrome). If that doesn’t work, please send us a bug report. 

We appreciate as much detail as possible about the behavior in order for us to diagnose the problem. We would like you to email us the description of the behavior, a screenshot or shots of CAD highlighting the involved windows, and some debug information from the Chrome Browser.

1.) Take one or more screenshots of CAD. Click on the task that causes the unusual behavior in order for it to appear in the center window. Take a shot that includes all CAD windows in order for us to see the status of the task in all three windows.

Mac – Click Opt-Command-4, then click and drag the region of interest. When you release the click it will save a screen shot to the desktop.

PC – Click Ctrl-Print Screen to copy the entire screen. You can paste it into a text editor or paint.

2.) While you have the job that causes the odd behavior selected, click View in the Chrome task bar on top. Then click Developer and Developer Tools.

 This will open a console with debugging information. Copy all the test in the console and paste it into the email for us to analyze.

3.) Send the email to Describe the behavior. Paste the debugging info from the Developer console. Attach the screenshots.

4.) Wait for a response email from support that should arrive within one business day. Hopefully we will have a fix for you immediately, but if not, we will start working on the problem immediately. Any information you can add will help us diagnose the problem.