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Last Updated: Jul 23, 2018 01:41PM PDT

You can now compare structures and sequences between any two (or more) collections directly in CAD. Previously this was not possible, and required download of sequences and/or structures for viewing in other software.

This feature is available when a tab is open to view any collection, on the top right of that collection you will see a “Compare” button next to the “Download selected” button.

Click on “Compare” to open a drop-down menu that shows all of the other Collections in that project.

Then click the Collection you want to add and it will appear as a second collection in your active tab. Now just use the “eyeball” button to add on the structures of interest to your structure viewer, and, if the sequence viewer is open, also to the sequence viewer. In the example below we are showing this for structure 1 from design 3 results and structures 2 from design 1 results.


Last, to remove a particular Collection from view just press the “Remove” button in the upper right of that part of the Collection panel. In this example we show structures from two collections, but by going back to the Compare button at the top of the tab you can add a third or more collections for more complex comparisons. We’d note that on most screens comparisons of more than three collections begins to become cluttered, and we’d recommend using another tab for further comparisons.
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