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Full Length Antibody HM

OVERVIEW Full Length Antibody HM is a structure prediction tool that creates homology models of antibodies using the Cyrus NextGen Antibody structure prediction method. RUNNING FULL LENGTH ANTIBODY HM To begin, open an existing project or create one in CAD. Click on...

AI Folding

OVERVIEW AI Folding provides a common interface to AI based protein structure prediction tools. It currently supports OpenFold, AlphaFold, and ESMFold. RUNNING AI FOLDING Begin by opening a project in CAD and select the AI Folding button located to the right under...

Homology Modeling

OVERVIEW Homology Modeling (HM) is the most effective method for predicting protein structure from its sequence. This tool uses the structures of homologous proteins, or protein fragments, as an estimate for your protein structure and then models conformational...

Antibody HM

OVERVIEW HM Antibody is a structure prediction tool for the variable region of antibodies. The protocol assumes that your sequence is a naturally-occuring antibody, which means that there is a limit to how much your input can diverge from the norm. Often, users have...