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Credit Usage

HOW DOES CREDIT ACCOUNTING WORK? All Actions, Structure Predictions, and Analysis tools consume credits.  Anything that uses credits is activated with a green  button. Though the button can say Run, Save and Run, or Run x Sequences depending on which tool is being...

How can Bench be used for my custom project?

Cyrus Bench is meant to be provide an easy-to-use GUI so you can run Rosetta without the months of necessary training that are needed for the full version of Rosetta. Bench has the majority of Rosetta tools that are needed for most structure prediction, modeling or...

Modeling with DNA/RNA

Cyrus Bench has implemented DNA/RNA handling in order to allow loading and modeling with these highly biologically-relevant molecules. Rosetta is excellent at modeling with nucleotides present. It has been successful at modeling proteins with DNA and RNA for deriving...

Valid Names

If you see this error:  ‘Please ensure that your collection name contains only valid characters as defined at‘ You have entered a non-accepted symbol into a name field. Below are the only symbols that are allowed in name fields:...

How do I create a bug report?

​If you are experiencing unusual behavior is CAD, we will be happy to help you fix the issue.  Some issues can be resolved by closing all tabs, exiting CAD, and then reopening CAD. Some issues will disappear during this process because they are browser-related (we...