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This documentation is deprecated, please use the new documentation site instead.

Jobs can be submitted and results retrieved using a python 3 client library.  Each API service has a separate client object which is constructed with the following arguments:

For example, a Antibody HM API client would be constructed like this:

from engine.antibody_hm.client import AntibodyHMClient
client = AntibodyHMClient(

Once the client is constructed it can be used to submit jobs and retrieve results

Submitting jobs

The client.submit() method is used to submit jobs. Each job type will have different parameters. See the documentation for the job type you are interested in.

The job ID returned by the submit() method can be used to retrieve the results of the job

Retrieving job results

The client.get_results() method will not return your results until the job is complete. Once complete, this method will return an object containing the results.  The results object will have attributes for each file produced by the API job. For example, to download the “models” file to the directory “output_dir/” you could use code like this:

results = client.get_results(job_id)